Equipment for the production of candy

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Equipment for the production of candy

Vomatec International BV is your supplier with a wide range of equipment for the production of candy. With more than three decades of knowledge, expertise, and experience, we are your partner in renewing, improving, or expanding your candy production line.


Equipment for the Production of All Kinds of Candy

The world of confectionery is very diverse: from hard candies to soft caramel. For all these different types of candy, we supply the equipment for the production of candy:

  • Hard candy
  • Jellies
  • Gums
  • Sugared confectionery
  • Marshmallows
  • Vitamin candies
  • Licorice
  • Sugar-free confectionery
  • Fondant
  • Nougat


New Production Line with Candy Production Equipment

We design and build an entirely new production line for your company, where your wishes and possibilities (such as location) are central. This ensures that you always get custom-made equipment for the production of your candy.

We can also design a machine to be integrated into an existing production line. Reasons for this could be that a machine is worn out, broken, or when you want to increase production capacity.

Of course, your wishes and possibilities are also central here. Together with our engineers and technicians, we ensure the best solution for your company.

Vomatec International BV provides the best confectionery equipment both domestically and abroad. Contact us for all possibilities regarding our worldwide delivery of candy-production equipment.


Turn-key Projects: One Less Worry for You

With us, you have the option to have a project completely done by us (turn-key). Of course, you remain in contact with our team to stay updated on the progress, but we take care of the development, construction, placement, and trial runs for you.

We always deliver a perfectly running production line to you.


Family Business Full of Expertise

Our family business was founded in 1987 and now the third generation of passionate experts in engineering and food technology has joined our company.

The engineering is done entirely in Sneek, Friesland; for the construction, placement, and commissioning, we work together with renowned, long-known and trusted companies.

This guarantees you the best equipment for the production of candy. We are your point of contact from the beginning to the commissioning, so you always work with short lines of communication.


Your Equipment for the Production of Candy

Your wishes are always our priority in developing your equipment. We have designed and developed our machines ourselves. And we are always busy with that.

Thanks to feedback from our customers, we can continuously improve our candy-production equipment in terms of quality, efficiency, and sustainability.


Sustainability First

You will find sustainability in the constant improvement of our machines. For example, the Vomadiss is our patented cooking machine that has reduced cooking time by 30% compared to the usual cooking time. This makes the cooking process faster, resulting in a reduction in your energy costs.