Food industry machines for confectionery

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Food industry machines

Sustainability and energy savings are important requirements for food industry machines nowadays. Your company also needs machines that last a long time, use less energy where possible, reduce production waste, and improve your production time.

At Vomatec, we are fully engaged in the innovation of our food industry machines! Improvements for nature, environment, and customer through sustainable solutions are our top priority.

With our vision, expertise, and innovations, we can deliver tailor-made machines that help you achieve that sustainability.


Manufacturer of food industry machines

At Vomatec Int BV, we develop, design, produce, and deliver confectionery equipment. We provide custom-made machines for the production of all types of confectionery (jelly, hard candy, marshmallow, licorice, and sugar-free confectionery).

All our machines can be integrated into any production line. Our engineers and food technologists will work closely with your operators and employees to realize the best intergration.

Vomatec takes immense pride in its machines, made with craftmanship to ensure long-lasting durability. We firmly believe in the production of high-quality, durable machines that operate with exceptional efficiency.

A selection of our unique food industry machines:


The Vomamix

The Vomamix mixes all the necessary ingredients for your recipes. Completely automated using a PLC system, your operator inputs the required dosages per ingredient, and the Vomamix takes care of the rest.

No errors and always accurate. Two essential factors for machines in the food industry.


The Vomadiss

The Vomadiss is a cooking machine. For our food industry machines, it is essential to make improvements wherever possible. We have therefore been able to reduce the cooking time of the Vomadiss to about 1.5 minutes! Much faster than competitors’ cooking machines. Due to this short cooking time, there is minimal degradation of functional ingredients.

A real saving in time, energy, and costs!


The Vomados

The Vomados is a dosing machine, which can be fully automated for any dosing quantity. With the Vomados, you can dose all ingredients by taste, color, and acidity. Always accurate, every final product will taste and look the same!

All food industry machines in our arsenal are developed and produced in-house. Want to know which machines we can deliver? Here you will find an overview of all our machines.

Or contact us directly!


Sustainable food industry machines

Making and using sustainable food industry machines is an essential development within Vomatec. Sustainability is our top priority, proven by the fact that we, as engineers and food technologists, continue to develop, test, and improve to make our machines more sustainable.


Innovative developments in food industry machines

This sustainability in our food industry machines means that a significant energy reduction can be achieved by innovating, for example, the cooking process with the help of the Vomadiss.

Energy saving: our shorter cooking times and smarter heating ensure that your energy costs can decrease significantly.

Cost saving: due to the minimal degradation of functional ingredients due to the shortening of the cooking temperature, fewer quantities of expensive ingredients are needed.

Another sustainability aspect of our machines is reducing production waste. An innovative improvement to our machines allows you to reintroduce almost all production waste into the process.

Vomatec food industry machines are continually developed in design, ensuring the construction, maintenance, and cleaning process, as well as the possible replacement or repair of parts, are made as cost-efficient as possible.

No more expensive replacement of individual parts or even entire machines that put your production on hold for weeks.

Our machines are easier to maintain and repair, usually requiring only part replacement rather than the entire machine. The production process is only interrupted for a few days during such a repair.

What a profit!


Vomatec: THE manufacturer of food industry machines

With our expertise and 35+ years of experience in engineering and production of food industry machines, we know better than anyone how to put your requirements for the machines at the center of our attention. Our tailor-made advice ensures that you always get the best solution you need for your production at that moment.

For the best and most innovative food industry machines, please contact us for all the possibilities.