Confectionery Automation

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Confectionery Automation

What is the value of confectionery automation for you?

A process is as accurate as the one performing it. In human actions, there is always a chance of errors, big or small, because we humans are not infallible. That’s why working with an automated system is so much better!

As an innovative developer and supplier of confectionery machines, we are also proficient in confectionery automation. Our goal is to offer every customer a sustainable and optimal solution for their confectionery production.

With the help of our confectionery automation, we deliver that every time!


Vomatec and Confectionery Automation

In almost all aspects of our lives, processes and actions are automated. Taking a photo nowadays simply means pointing your camera at a particular scene, and the camera does the rest. The well-known AUTO mode. A great outcome for anyone who wants to ensure that each shot yields optimal results.


At Vomatec International BV, we also work with automated process controls. In all branches of the food industry, it is essential to work with precision: weighing ingredients, maintaining and regulating the perfect cooking temperature, cooling heated products, and processing food efficiently.


PLC Systems

Our confectionery automation relies on the use of the finest PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) systems. Through our rigorous supplier selection process, we guarantee the highest quality of PLC systems.


Our PLC systems are specially designed for the confectionery industry. External influences that could disrupt the operation of the confectionery automation system are completely excluded by the housing. The excessive dust, vibrations, moisture, and heat generated during the production process cannot interfere with the confectionery automation.

This way, we ensure precise and optimal operation of confectionery automation via PLC systems.

PLC Systems in Confectionery Automation

A PLC system in confectionery automation is a computer specifically designed for the unique process of each confectionery machine. Thus, the PLC system is the brain of that machine. It will always execute its instructions exactly as entered by our expert PLC programmers.


With confectionery automation, you can set up any recipe and process that the machine needs to execute. Once correctly input by a PLC programmer, the operating operator has no more work to do. All the written software is the property of the customer.

The PLC system constantly monitors all the input factors of the production process, and any error messages are detected and resolved. If the system or operator cannot resolve the issue on their own, we are available 24 hours a day with our 360-degree service.


Benefits of Confectionery Automation

The biggest advantage of automation is, of course, the precise process that a PLC system can execute with the confectionery machine. The most important human action for this is entering the correct instructions into the computer. Once set up, the machine can be turned on, and the PLC system will do the work for you.

Measurement equals knowledge. After all, nothing is as precise as a computer!

The entire process is continuously monitored by the PLC system. Any necessary adjustments, such as recipe changes, can be quickly identified and executed. This also helps better control energy and production costs.

Another significant advantage of our confectionery automation with a PLC system is the ability to find and solve a problem without the programmer needing to be on-site. The programmer can dial in from their own computer, identify the problem, and if possible, resolve it immediately. Otherwise, they will contact you with a solution.


Vomatec Delivers Confectionery Automation

All machines are delivered with this robust automation. Our engineers and technicians ensure that your operators and technicians receive thorough training in operating the confectionery automation installed on your confectionery machine.

A PLC programmer from Vomatec will configure the PLC system to ensure your machine is perfectly set up for its operations.


Want to know how confectionery automation can work for you? Contact Vomatec International BV now!