Industrial Equipment for Candy Making

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Industrial Equipment for Candy Making

Our engineers and food technologists are continuously working to improve and innovate our industrial equipment for candy making. With over 30 years of experience as a confectionery equipment supplier, we design and develop durable machines for your candy production lines.


For Candy Production Companies

Drawing from our extensive experience and in-house development of industrial candy making equipment, we can provide a custom-made machine for every client.

We assist candy production companies in establishing entirely new candy production lines, upgrading specific components of a production line, and enhancing production. By customizing the industrial candy making equipment for your facility, you can be sure to receive a tailored production line.

Your preferences guide the design, whether it involves renovation, improvement, or brand-new installation. Our experts discuss all possibilities with you to make your preferences concrete and recommend the best solution.


Our Industrial Candy Making Equipment

We design and develop all our machines in-house. Thanks to feedback from our customers, we continuously make improvements to our Vomatec machines.

You’ll find a wide range of industrial equipment for candy making at our disposal, including mixing, dosing, cooking, mixing, sugaring, and cleaning your confectionery. While many are listed on our website, for a truly comprehensive and personalized consultation on our offerings, we recommend contacting us.


Here’s a glimpse of our industrial candy making equipment:


The Vomados is a dosing system that injects color, flavor, and acidity into the product. Electromotors drive the pump heads, and a flow detection system monitors the entire process of dosing colors, flavors, and acidity. This industrial candy making equipment is highly precise in dosing, can inject up to 6 (different) colors and flavors, and minimizes raw material wastage. Like all Vomatec confectionery machines, the Vomados is easy to clean and maintain.


Our patented Vomadiss is a cooking machine that operates by indirectly heating the product; the Jet Cooker heats it through injection with hot steam. Thanks to our invention of the horizontal steam body through which the product is guided by pipes with static mixers, cooking time is reduced by 30% compared to the normal cooking time. This results in significant savings, including reduced energy costs, lower raw material costs due to no product burning, and reduced production waste. We can proudly say that we are very proud of our Vomadiss and highly recommend it.


The fully automatic Vomamix is equipped with a PLC system. This installation accurately doses and mixes bulk raw materials, ensuring consistent quality for every recipe. By entering the recipe just once, the Vomamix handles the dosing and mixing of these raw materials entirely on its own. Your operator doesn’t need to worry about it.


If you produce sugared candy, then the Vomacoat is your best choice. The jelly candies are guided on a conveyor belt through a dusting cabinet and a sugaring drum. Excess sugar falls through the perforated area in the inner drum and is recycled to the beginning of the sugaring process, reducing sugar loss. The consistent sugar curtain ensures a uniform layer of sugar on every candy.


For the production of candy poured into molds with powder, the Vomaclean is there to blow them clean. The Vomaclean has air spinners for cleaning and comes with an adjustable belt speed.


This industrial candy making equipment is a finishing installation for oiling jelly candies. The Vomashine has a long lifespan and requires minimal maintenance, making it a solid investment for your jelly production line. The stainless steel glazing drum can be fully emptied by reversing the rotation direction. There are various options for oiling or spraying.


Our Customers Are Central

No matter what your requirements are for industrial candy making equipment, Vomatec advises, develops, builds, and delivers the best solution for you. Our 360º service is available 24/7 to address all your inquiries about our delivered equipment.

What industrial candy making equipment do you need? We’re here to assist you: contact us now!