Manufacturers of confectionery equipment

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Manufacturers of confectionery equipment

Looking for the best manufacturers of confectionery equipment? Look no further because Vomatec International BV provides you with a confectionery machine tailored to your needs!

With our 35+ years of experience in the engineering and production of confectionery machines, we have a vast amount of expertise to design and create the best machine for you.

Your wishes are always our starting point. Vomatec International BV supplies you with sustainable, innovative confectionery equipment.


Your wishes at the center

Together with you, as manufacturers of confectionery equipment, we can fully customize your desired machines. We can also redesign the confectionery machine entirely to fit your factory location.

Considering the exact location in the production line where the machine should be, the available surface area, and of course, the size of the production.

The collaboration between us and you as the client is always personal and fully focused on your wishes. We will discuss all the possibilities we have as manufacturers of confectionery equipment for the machines you need. Based on your wishes and our decades of expertise, we provide you with tailor-made advice.


Vomatec is also able to deliver the whole production line as a turn-key project. We will handle everything for you, and you can fully trust that your machine wishes will be executed and delivered exactly as desired.

We work with clear agreements that we always follow, and we only complete the project when you are satisfied.

That is Vomatec International BV!


Sustainable manufacturers of confectionery equipment

Our confectionery machines have a long lifespan; some have been running for 30 years! This is possible because we are manufacturers of confectionery equipment that continue to develop and strive for sustainability in all our machines. So you, as our customer, get the best guarantees for sustainability with every machine.


Manufacturers of confectionery equipment that innovate: that’s Vomatec!

Innovation is important. With the expertise and knowledge of our own engineers and food technologists, we can implement unique developments in our Vomatec confectionery equipment.

Sustainable developments that allow you, as a confectionery producer, to make huge leaps in energy reduction, waste reduction, and a long machine lifespan.


Your manufacturers of confectionery equipment: even after the sale

Our 360-degree service gives you confidence that you will never be left without help. To keep your machines running perfectly for a long time, we, as manufacturers of your confectionery equipment, ensure that someone is always available.



Vomatec International BV, manufacturers of confectionery equipment, ensures that regular and periodic maintenance of the machines provided to you runs smoothly and prosperously.

Your own operators and technicians receive extensive instructions and training at the commissioning of the machines to perform the most common maintenance themselves. If there are any questions or problems, they can contact us 24/7 through our 360º service.



With the current innovations in our confectionery machines, you can perform any repair exceptionally quickly. Where our competitors’ machines shut down your production for weeks, you can often complete the repair within a few days with our machines.


However, if the confectionery equipment is used as our process engineers have explained, few repairs will need to be performed. Most of our machines are set up via PLC systems that carry out and monitor the entire production process.


We are your manufacturers of confectionery equipment

Our family business in Sneek has over 35 years of experience in designing, developing, producing, and commissioning confectionery machines. With our personal and highly committed after-sales service, we ensure that you will be very satisfied with our machines from start to well after the purchase.


Worldwide delivery

We are manufacturers of confectionery equipment with a global network. We advise and deliver both domestically and internationally. Would you like to know more about Vomatec International BV?

Please contact us for all the possibilities.