Your Caramel Production Line by Vomatec

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Caramel Production Line

Your caramel production line starts with Vomatec International BV. Since 1984, we have been advising, designing, developing, and constructing our unique Vomatec machines for all sectors of the confectionery industry. Your needs and possibilities take center stage; we deliver the best solution and tailor your caramel production line accordingly.

Do you want it fully automated or manual? Do you prefer continuous production or batch processing? Vomatec International BV can provide it, both domestically and internationally!


The Continuous Process of the Caramel Production Line

The continuous process means that the entire recipe is continuously processed, from the initial mixing of raw materials to the final product. For the Vomatec machines we supply for a caramel production line, this entails:


The Vomamix

The Vomamix is our highly precise, fully automatic weighing, dosing, and mixing system for bulk raw materials. The recipe is entered into the PLC system (done only once by our engineer, keeping the recipe confidential) after which the Vomamix manages and adjusts its entire production process autonomously.

The key advantages of the Vomamix in your caramel production line are:

  • Exceptionally precise weighing, dosing, and mixing
  • Weight control through the PLC system, capable of self-correction in case of errors or malfunctions
  • Easy cleaning.

For the caramel production line, the Vomamix includes a speed mixer as the stirring element.

This initial step of weighing, dosing, and mixing is identical for both the continuous process and batch process.


The Scraped Heat Exchanger

All perfectly weighed, dosed, and mixed ingredients are then transferred to the scraped heat exchanger, the VMT.RC-D.

An engineer-designed masterpiece, our scraped heat exchanger doesn’t have a welded product tube. Instead, the cap is bolted, making it easy to clean from the inside. The scrapers are also quick and easy to replace without significant production downtime.

This machine has a capacity of 300 to 600 kg per hour, suitable for both cooking and cooling, and is fully controlled by a PLC system.

This represents the final product of the caramel production line as designed, developed, constructed, and delivered by Vomatec International BV.


The Caramel Production Line as a Batch Process Line

At the beginning of the batch process line, you’ll find the Vomamix with a speed mixer for precise weighing, dosing, and mixing of the raw materials for the recipe. For the Vomamix, there’s always the option to manually fill it with raw materials instead of using the fully automatic PLC system.

Once the ingredients are weighed, dosed, and mixed, they are poured into the cookers. For the batch process, these are batch cookers available in various configurations with different options for stirring, vacuum tanks, PLC systems, and the ‘twin’ option.

With the ‘twin’ option, two cookers are installed, alternating in cooking the product. While one cooker is cooking, the other is emptied of the cooked product and refilled. This alternating process optimizes production speed and quantity.

The batch cookers are made of stainless steel and come in various sizes and configurations. The scrapers in the VMT.RC-D are made of Teflon. You have the choice to install a PLC system for control or operate it manually.

For the batch process of the caramel production line, this is the final product that Vomatec can deliver to you.


Why Choose Vomatec!

Designing, constructing, and installing a caramel production line should be entrusted to a company with extensive experience, knowledge, in-house engineers, food experts, and top-notch service from the initial consultation to long after commissioning. Vomatec International BV possesses all of these attributes!

We’ve been specializing in confectionery machinery for the food industry since 1984. Our company was founded based on years of experience in the same industry.

Within our family-owned business, we have an in-house team of engineers and food technologists and collaborate closely with trusted external partners who have earned our confidence.


Round-the-Clock Service

Our 360º service is available 24/7. You or your operators can always contact our experts whenever a question or issue arises. In most cases, they can swiftly and easily address it remotely through the PLC system.

That’s what we call service!

Our advisors are ready to answer questions, provide insights, and offer advice, so schedule a meeting with us to discuss your caramel production line!