Confectionery equipment

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Confectionery equipment

Vomatec International BV is your supplier for confectionery equipment. Our machines are designed and developed by our own engineers, always striving for the best improvements in energy usage, product consumption, and environmental impact.

With us, you can have equipment produced according to your wishes and possibilities, based on our standard machines.

A small space or local adjustment in a current production line is no longer a problem: Vomatec makes your confectionery equipment completely fit the available space!


Confectionery Equipment from Vomatec

From our headquarters in Sneek, we deliver our confectionery equipment worldwide. Always with personal advice and custom-made if necessary.


With our 35+ years of experience in engineering and food technology, we can continually improve and make our confectionery equipment more sustainable. Development at Vomatec never stops; we are always looking for optimization in cooking times, reduction in production waste, and reduction of energy costs. With this, we contribute to a more sustainable world, where energy reduction and less environmental impact are paramount.


What Confectionery Equipment Are You Looking For?

Our confectionery equipment is made for the production of jelly, hard candy, marshmallows, licorice, sugar-free confectionery, fondant, and much more. With smart PLC systems, your operators can easily and accurately set all the quantities needed for the recipe to be made.

Thanks to the accuracy that the PLC system guarantees, the entire production process becomes faster, reduces production waste, and requires less manpower.


A Look at Our Range

From mixing the basic ingredients to the final product: Vomatec has the equipment for it!



The Vomaclean uses air spinners to ensure that no powder residues remain on the produced confectionery. The volumes that the Vomaclean can clean range from a pilot plant with a capacity of 200 kg per hour to a full-fledged production machine of 5000 kg per hour. This confectionery equipment can therefore be fully adapted to your production capacity and is also very easy to integrate into your current system.



The Vomashine gives each candy a beautiful, even shine by applying a film-like layer of oil. Its design is hygienic, ensuring clean production and cleaning.

The transport channels are smoothly finished to prevent damage to the product. Thanks to the precise settings of the equipment, each candy gets just enough oil all around for the perfect shine.



For sugared candies, Vomatec has developed the Vomacoat. Each candy gets a perfect layer of sugar through varying shaking movements. This equipment uses hot steam and hot air for heating and drying during the application of the sugar layer.


Additionally, we have equipment for all different parts of the confectionery production. Take a look at the page with all machines (6) for that.


Confectionery Equipment for Every Part of the Production Process

Each of our confectionery equipment is available separately. Do you need a single machine? Our engineers and technicians will seamlessly adapt the machine to your current production line.

We will personally visit your site beforehand to discuss all your wishes and possibilities. Based on this conversation and the possibilities of the desired location, we will prepare a personal advice for you.