The Vomadiss is a revolutionary cooking system developed and patented by Vomatec. It is a horizontal continuous cooking system consisting of a cylindrical steam body with a number of product tubes inside. These pipes are equipped with static mixers that allow rapid heating of the mass that is pumped through the pipes.

This invention reduces cooking times to about 30% of the usual cooking times, resulting in savings on energy consumption and costs. The mean residence time in the cooking body is between 60 and 90 seconds. Due to this short residence time, there is no inversion of the cooked product. This makes it possible that heat-sensitive ingredients such as gelatin can be cooked with the mass.

The Vomadiss is easy to open and clean with water and steam. This is a great advantage over other systems. Extra provisions have been made on the product supply lines of the cooking body, so that in the event of a malfunction the cooking body can be blown clean and combustion will not occur.

The inside of the cooking body can be easily checked by removing the stainless steel top plates. The Vomadiss is suitable for most sugar products or sugar substitutes and is supplied with or without a vacuum chamber depending on the product.

The vacuum chamber serves to evacuate the cooking vapor by means of a vacuum. The vapor is condensed in a condenser. At the same time, the cooked mass is cooled.


  • Easy installation
  • Easy to open
  • Easy to clean
  • Short cooking times
  • Stable cooking process
  • No product combustion
Vomadiss Keuken