Engineering Machines for the Food Industry

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Food Industry Engineering Machines

A perfectly operating production line starts with Vomatec, we engineer your machines for the food industry. Are some of your confectionery machines, or a production line in need of renewal or expansion? Production is currently running, but you would like to achieve an improvement: a higher production quantity, more sustainable, and/or modern. With our in-house engineers and extensive knowledge in the food industry, Vomatec collaborates with you to realize these improvements, sustainability or modernization!


Food Industry Engineering Machines at Vomatec

At Vomatec International, we develop, conceive, and design all our confectionery machines ourselves. And we have been doing this for decades! Our own team of engineers and technicians has extensive knowledge in machine design. Over the years, we have created a large portfolio of machines installed worldwide.

Vomatec’s food industry engineering machines specialize in technology for the confectionery industry in particular. The development of machines, their design, and commissioning guarantees that we deliver an innovative, modern machine to your company.


Developing and Designing Your Machines

At Vomatec International, we have an impressive arsenal of confectionery machines. We can adapt each of these machines to the available space you have. To serve you as well as possible, we first start a conversation. Here, you can indicate exactly what your wishes for the machine or production line are. Our consultants provide all the possibilities and advice, working together to find the perfect solution for your company.


Some of Our Confectionery Machines

The following machines are examples of food industry engineering machines by Vomatec. They have been extensively tested, and our customers are very satisfied with them!

Premix Installations

The Vomamix is a premix installation designed by our engineers. This machine weighs, doses, and mixes the predetermined quantities of raw materials thanks to the PLC system. This makes the Vomamix freely programmable and it automatically completes its program. That’s Vomatec’s food industry engineering machines!

The great advantages of the Vomamix are:

  • Accurate batch volumes
  • Weight control during the entire production
  • Easy cleaning


Continuous Cooking Processes

In older cooking machines (such as the coil cooker), burned product residues often remained in the cooking system due to burning and dead corners. This resulted in damage and subsequent repairs. And due to the uncontrollable high temperature, much of the product burned, resulting in significant waste costs.

The Vomadiss was developed to effectively and sustainably solve this problem!

Made of stainless steel and with detachable parts, the Vomadiss is easy to clean.

For cooking, our food industry engineering machines department developed a spiral that is placed in separate tubes.

This has made the cooking process more manageable and the cooking time has been shortened to just 1.5 minutes! That’s a sustainable improvement.

By purchasing a Vomadiss for your continuous cooking process, you improve your energy consumption due to the very short cooking time and the waste product from raw material combustion. All this thanks to our own food industry engineering machines!

The machine is easy to open, making cleaning and possible maintenance or repairs easy to carry out with a downtime of maximum one day.

Are you still using a coil cooker? Then we advise you to switch to the Vomadiss now!



We handle all food industry engineering machines, from development to commissioning. During the commissioning, detailed instructions are also given on the delivered machine or production line.


Engineering Machines for the Food Industry to Your Liking

Because each company has its own unique layout and possibilities, Vomatec provides a confectionery

machine custom-made for your company. Here we look at the available space and discuss whether you need a new machine or a production line. Based on your wishes and possibilities, our engineers adapt Vomatec’s confectionery machines accordingly, ensuring you always get a perfect fit solution.


Turn-Key Projects

You can choose to be fully involved at every step of the process, or you can have the project delivered turn-key by our specialized team of professionals.

No matter what you choose, with Vomatec’s food industry engineering machines, we assure you that at the end of the project a perfectly working machine or production line will be in operation. And of course, our service continues after delivery! Our 360º service is available 24/7.

Contact us for all the possibilities!