Aroma, color and acid dosing systems (Vomados)

The Vomados dosing system injects colors, flavors and acid INLINE. This system can be made in various designs. The simplest is a Vomados 1 + 1 + 1, for 1 color, 1 flavor and 1 acid injection. The pump heads are driven by frequency-controlled electric motors. The pump capacities are set by means of a rotary knob with micrometer readout. A frequently supplied version is the Vomados 6 + 6 + 1 flow. This means that the main flow is divided into 6 flows in which 6 colors, 6 flavors and 1 acid are injected.

There are always two pumps coupled (flavor and color) and these have one common frequency-controlled drive. The drive is controlled by means of a flow meter that measures the sugar flow and controls the frequency inverter. The acid injection pump has its own frequency-controlled drive and its own flow meter in the main flow.

A flow detection system monitors the proper functioning of the color, taste and acid pumps.

The injected liquids are homogenized by means of static mixers.

The injection system is easy to clean with warm water. Drain points in the pipe system ensure minimal losses of the expensive additives.


  • Very accurate dosing
  • Up to 6 colors and flavors
  • Different color;
  • Minimal raw material loss
  • Easy to clean.