Candy Production Machines

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Candy Production Machines

In the world of candy production, you can’t imagine a form, taste, or application that doesn’t exist. Candy is no longer just a delightful sugar explosion in your mouth; it can also be shaped into a tasty vitamin bomb. And all of this can be achieved with Vomatec International’s candy production machines!


What are the various candy production machines used for?

Every type of candy requires its own production process and machine. Your recipe is executed precisely by the freely programmable PLC systems equipped in our machines.

There are Vomatec candy production machines for all types of candy:

  • Hard candy
  • Marshmallow
  • Jelly
  • Sugar-free candy
  • Licorice
  • Nougat
  • Sugar-coated candy

We supply candy production machines for every step in that production process. Additionally, we can integrate the machine into your existing production line, build a standalone unit, or set up an entirely new production line for you.

At Vomatec, you can have a suitable machine custom-built for every candy production, tailored to your preferences, location, and production line.


The process of making candy

Every candy production starts with weighing and dosing the right quantities and types of ingredients. These ingredients are then thoroughly mixed and heated until a flexible candy dough is formed. The candy shapes are made from this dough by pouring them into molds or pressing them into a mold.

A light coating of casting powder is applied to the molds to ensure easy removal of the candies after the drying process. After the candies are removed following the drying time, any remaining casting powder is blown off.

Finally, the candies receive a sugar coating or an oil layer.


Vomatec’s candy production machines

For every step of the described production process, we have the right machine:


The Vomamix

The Vomamix ensures that all necessary raw materials are perfectly dosed from bulk.


The Vomadiss

After all ingredients have been properly weighed, dosed, and mixed, the Vomadiss facilitates a rapid cooking process to prepare the candy dough for further processing.


The Jet Cooker

In processes that require direct heating through steam injection, the Jet Cooker is the appropriate machine.


The Vomados

After cooking, the product passes through the Vomados for the dosing of flavor, color, and acidity.

With the help of flow meters in the flavor and color pumps, and one in the acid pump, this machine continuously measures how much and when it needs to inject ingredients.


The Vomaclean

For blowing off dry components left on the candy during the production process. The candies are transported through the Vomaclean via a conveyor belt and cleaned. Excess (casting) powder is collected and can be reused.


The Vomashine

The Vomashine applies an even oil layer to the candies, ensuring a uniform gloss on each candy.


The Vomacoat

The sugar coating of candy is done with the Vomacoat. This candy production machine gives jelly candies their sugar coating by transporting them under a constant sugar curtain. Any excess sugar is collected and recycled in the sugaring process.


Why choose Vomatec’s candy production machines?

Our family business can proudly look back on almost forty years of experience in designing, developing, and building candy production machines. Everyone in our company has their own specialization, their own expertise in an essential aspect of making confectionery machines.

Sustainability is not an empty concept for us:

  • Our machines have a long lifespan: some have been in production for over 30 years.
  • Reduction in energy costs: by significantly reducing the cooking time of the Vomadiss, among other innovations, less energy is consumed. We implement such innovations across multiple of our candy production machines.
  • Reduction in raw material costs: thanks to the highly accurate dosing of the PLC systems, there is never too much or too little raw material introduced. And by transporting raw materials back into the production process, fewer raw materials are wasted.
  • Reduction in production waste: due to the smooth finish of the candy production machines, no product is left behind that can burn or become unusable. Additionally, no excess raw material is discarded as it is reused in the process.


Globally the Best Candy Production Machines

We collaborate with carefully selected suppliers both domestically and internationally. Thanks to these suppliers, we can deliver our candy production machines worldwide and ensure they meet our top-quality standards. And we take pride in that.

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