Your Sustainable Confectionery Industry Machine

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Sustainable enhancements lead to reduced production costs in every Vomatec confectionery industry machine. All our patented machines are developed and designed by our own team of engineers and specialists. We are constantly working on creating more sustainable versions of our machines. When you’re looking for the best and most sustainable confectionery machines, Vomatec International BV is the right place to turn!


Sustainable Improvements in the Confectionery Industry Machine

At Vomatec International BV, we are constantly innovating to implement truly sustainable improvements in all our machines. This includes reducing:

  • Energy consumption.
  • Production waste.
  • Raw material loss.


Why Choose Vomatec?

A confectionery industry machine from Vomatec has a long lifespan; some of our machines have been in production for over 30 years!

One of our innovations is the ability to dismantle certain components such as valves, making cleaning and maintenance quick and easy. Any repairs to the confectionery industry machine can be done faster and at a lower cost by dismantling these parts: only a single component needs replacement, reducing production downtime.

Any repairs are usually a result of errors in the use or setup of the machine. Once the machine is properly configured, it operates fully automatically. Failures or blockages are detected and resolved by the PLC system without causing significant production downtime. The PLC system also handles restarting production automatically.


Customizing Your Confectionery Industry Machine

We can customize any Vomatec confectionery machine to suit your needs. We consider your available space, location, and production quantity preferences for your company. You can choose single or multiple confectionery machines for your business. The amount of product per confectionery industry machine is also important in designing and installing the machine. We can integrate the machine into your existing production line or set up an entirely new production line.

We also offer the possibility of creating a Pilot Plant where we can test and develop machines and production to work exactly as you desire. The parameters used on the Pilot Plant can be directly transferred to the production model.


Our Confectionery Machines

We specialize in confectionery machines. Our patented Vomadiss, Vomamix, and Vomados are some examples. For all our machines, visit the ‘machines’ page.

Confectioneries come in various types and sizes:

  • Licorice
  • Hard candy
  • Jelly
  • Sugar-free
  • Marshmallow
  • Sugared confections
  • Oiled confections
  • Fondant

We have a confectionery industry machine for every type of candy! Are you looking for an innovative machine to sugar-coat candy? The Vomacoat is your best choice! The Vomacoat ensures a consistent sugar curtain for even and uniform sugar distribution on each piece of candy. The perforated zone in the inner drum recycles excess sugar for reuse, minimizing sugar wastage.

For the perfect oil coating on candy, choose our Vomashine: fine sprayers give each passing candy a shiny layer. Thanks to the reversible drum direction, the entire drum can be emptied with no product left behind.



Vomatec has been a family-owned business for over 35 years, with each member developing their own expertise. We work with our own engineers and food technologists. Our confectionery machines are our passion. To ensure you get the most out of our confectionery industry machine, we work closely with you. During our interaction, we assess where you want the machine placed, available options, and provide our advice.


Vomatec Takes Care of Your Confectionery Industry Machine

Vomatec manages the entire project, which can also be turn-key, from the initial discussion to commissioning. Your operators and technicians receive comprehensive training on setup, maintenance, and repairs.

Our fully automated machines operate using a PLC system. Our engineers assist you in configuring this system. It’s important to note that all written software is owned by you as the customer!

Our 360º service is available 24/7. We are here for you even after the delivery!

Want to learn more? Contact us!