Vomatec’s Candy Production Line

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There are several reasons why your company may need to renew an existing candy production line. For instance, a confectionery machine that no longer functions properly or lacks the necessary capacity to meet your desired production levels. More often than not, the reason is that one or several pieces of your current confectionery equipment are worn out. The repair costs may well exceed the costs to replace the machine.

That’s where Vomatec comes in: our machines can be integrated into an existing candy production line!

 Renewing Your Candy Production Line

Our advisors work with you to assess your current production line and provide advice on the new Vomatec confectionery machine to be installed. The installation and trial runs are carried out by our professional, experienced technicians. When you opt for a fully automatic machine in the candy production line, your operators and technicians receive training from our experts. From consultation to post-implementation, our experts and technicians are on hand to ensure your Vomatec machines are running perfectly.

Building a New Candy Production Line

At Vomatec, you also have the option to have an entirely new, standalone candy production line designed and built. This might be necessary if you need a new production line for a new recipe or if you want to increase production. Here too, our advisors will discuss the possibilities for the available space and wishes of your new production line with you. Based on this conversation, a new line is designed and built for you.



At Vomatec, you can choose to have your new candy production line delivered as a turn-key project. From the first conversation and discussing the design, our partners, technicians, and experts work independently. We take all the worry off your hands, and of course, keep you regularly informed about the progress of the project. Any necessary adjustments can be discussed with you along the way and implemented if necessary.


The Capacity of Our Candy Machines

Our machines can be purchased in various capacities. Our advisors will tell you exactly which capacity of which confectionery machine is necessary to run your production efficiently. With a Vomatec candy production line, you can always trust that the capacity fits your desired production. We’re happy to provide a few examples:



This machine is specially constructed for dosing raw materials from bulk. Equipped with a PLC system that continuously monitors and adjusts the entire process phase without you having to worry about it.

The Vomamix weighing, dosing, and mixing system is available in capacities ranging from 1000 to 5000 kg per hour.



Our Jetcookers are specially designed for your product application. Direct heating is achieved through steam injection. It can also be supplied as a separate machine in your candy production line.

The Vomatec Jetcooker is available with a capacity ranging from 50 to 5000 kg per hour.

Would you like to know the possible capacity of another Vomatec machine? Please contact our advisors, and we’d be happy to tell you more!


PLC Systems for Your Candy Production Line

Most of our Vomatec candy machines are equipped with a PLC system. In some cases, it is also possible to have manual control installed. Our advisors can tell you about the options.

Once set correctly, the machine operates independently. The PLC system itself monitors every tiny part of its production process, solving minor problems independently, possibly through a short stop-start procedure. If the PLC system cannot resolve the issue, it stops its process and sends a notification. All related processes are also stopped to prevent further problems.


Our Service

From the initial conversation to well after the commissioning of a Vomatec machine or candy production line: our 360º service is available 24/7. Our technicians can remotely access the PLC system experiencing the problem and usually provide an immediate solution. Should there be an unexpected problem or repair needed, our technicians will be in your production hall as quickly as possible.

With a Vomatec confectionery machine, you’re always assured of perfect operation and support when you have questions!

Want to know more? Contact us now and we’d be happy to tell you more!