Your Marshmallow Production Line by Vomatec

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Marshmallow Production

Vomatec International BV provides you with the best machinery for your new or improved marshmallow production line. From initial consultation to the commissioning of our machines, we offer guidance based on decades of knowledge and experience. This ensures that your marshmallow production line meets all your quality standards and requirements.

We can deliver your marshmallow production line as a continuous process line or a batch process line, fully automated or manual, according to your preferences.


The Vomamix

Our unique Vomamix accurately and automatically weighs and mixes all ingredients, thanks to its built-in PLC system. The Vomamix can weigh, dose, and mix raw materials ranging from 1000 to 5000 kg per hour in bulk.

Equipped with a speed mixer as an agitator, the Vomamix is the perfect foundational machine for consistently high-quality recipes.

For both the continuous and batch processes of the marshmallow production line, the Vomamix is integrated as a weighing, dosing, and mixing system.


The Vomadiss

All precisely weighed, dosed, and mixed ingredients from the Vomamix move to the Vomadiss, our continuous cooking system developed and patented by Vomatec International BV. Thanks to the significantly reduced cooking times (30% less than other continuous cooking systems!), product burning is prevented, energy consumption is minimized, and production waste is reduced.

For the production of starch-based products in marshmallows, such as BBQ marshmallows, the Vomadiss is combined with a Jet cooker. This cooking system utilizes direct heating through steam injection.


The Aerator or Air Mixer

The marshmallow production line then passes the marshmallow substance through an aerator, where air is whipped into the marshmallow. Our aerators have a capacity ranging from 50 to 2000 kg, feature a PLC system, and are easy to clean and maintain.


The Vomados

Delicious flavors and colors are mixed and added to the marshmallow by the Vomados through an injection system. The typical Vomados can inject up to 6 different colors and flavors, allowing your marshmallow production line to easily create unique marshmallow variations.

The Vomados is easy to operate, clean, and maintain. Thanks to drain points in the pipeline system, there is minimal loss of expensive raw materials, making the Vomados a sustainable investment for your confectionery production company.


The Extruder

Finally, the marshmallow substance passes through the extruder, where it is pressed into various marshmallow shapes. At Vomatec, we have developed a special design, allowing both rotating and static marshmallows to be produced simultaneously. The closely spaced nozzles make the extruder suitable for smaller locations and integration into existing production lines.


Marshmallow Production Line as a Batch Process

In addition to the continuous process, your marshmallow production line can also be delivered as a batch process. This begins with the Vomados, after which the raw materials are processed in a Thermosyphon cooker. This cooking installation comes with a PLC system for precise control and is available in various sizes and configurations.

Consult our advisors for more information on all the possibilities of our marshmallow production line.


Why Choose Vomatec?

At Vomatec International BV, we design and develop all our machines in-house. We listen to our customers’ feedback and needs, enabling us to continuously improve and innovate our Vomatec machines. This ensures that we provide you with the best, tailor-made marshmallow production line.


Transformation of Misshaped Marshmallows

We have developed an innovative “re-work unit” to reintegrate misshaped marshmallows and scrap into the marshmallow production line’s production process. Instead of discarding expensive raw materials, they are reused in the recipe, promoting sustainability in your production process.


Fully Automated or Manual – Your Choice

For most of our Vomatec machines, you have the option to choose between the convenient, less labor-intensive automatic PLC system or manual operation. The choice is yours. Seek advice from our advisors on what suits you best.

The significant advantages of automation include precision, reduced labor intensity, and automatic troubleshooting by the PLC system (where possible). Manual operations carry a higher risk of errors and reduced precision. How the machines are controlled is entirely based on your preferences and capabilities, and we are happy to provide guidance.

Vomatec International BV delivers a marshmallow production line that is a sustainable investment for your confectionery production company. Contact us today to discuss your requirements with our experienced advisors!