Commercial Equipment for Candy Production

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Commercial Equipment for Candy Production

To maintain high-quality and sustainable production, you need the best commercial equipment for candy production. Vomatec International BV is the right place for this!

As an entrepreneur, you aim for high production of top-quality to meet your customers’ demands at a good selling price.

Old, worn-out machines or incomplete production lines don’t work for your factory, and that’s why you are now looking for the best equipment for candy production.

We offer you custom-made confectionery machines that make your production faster, cleaner, and more sustainable. Better for you, for the environment, and for your customers.


Sustainability and Innovation

At Vomatec, we are continually involved in innovative developments to increase the sustainability of our commercial equipment for candy production.


What can you expect?

Energy Savings

With our own team of engineers, we keep looking for improvements in, for example, cooking time in the candy cooking processes.

A great example of how we developed the best commercial equipment for candy production: the Vomadiss. This is a cooking machine where we have been able to drastically reduce the cooking time!

The traditional Coilcooker uses a lot of energy and time to complete the entire cooking process. Moreover, there is a high risk of burning functional ingredients with the Coilcooker.

Our Vomadiss has a cooking time of just 1.5 minutes! This quick cooking process significantly reduces the chance of burning the present functional ingredients.

The Vomadiss thus uses much less energy per production. And this results in significant energy savings for you.


Material Savings

Another way to improve our equipment for candy production is thanks to the PLC systems of our confectionery machines. A PLC system automatically completes the production process. Your operator only needs to enter the right recipe, and the Vomatec machines do the rest.

Since each ingredient is precisely weighed, dosed, and mixed in the Vomamix, there is also no waste of these raw materials.


Production Waste Reduction

Production waste can be a real thorn in the side of a sustainable entrepreneur. Our commercial equipment for candy production is therefore developed as much as possible with limiting this production waste in mind.

For example, in the Vomacoat: the inside of this sugaring drum has a perforated zone that ensures excess sugar is returned to be reused.


Maintenance-Friendly Commercial Equipment for Candy Production

Our commercial equipment for candy production is exceptionally maintenance-friendly! Thanks to the stainless steel from which the machines are made, they can be cleaned by rinsing with hot water or flushing with steam.

In addition, each Vomatec confectionery machine has a built-in drain to quickly and hygienically dispose of used ingredients and rinse water.

An innovation that Vomatec has developed is the easier replacement or repair of certain parts of the machines. Especially in the inner workings of the equipment, maintenance can be difficult (and therefore expensive).

While the coil cooker has to be completely dismantled when a burn has occurred inside, the Vomadiss can be unscrewed to clean or replace the inside.

Therefore, production is maximally halted for a day with the Vomadiss; with a coil cooker, this means a production stop of several weeks. The costs involved are high: all parts of a coil cooker must be replaced and installed; with the Vomadiss, repair costs are limited to replacing a single gasket.


Vomatec Thinks Along With You!

You want to be sustainable but also keep an eye on your own costs. We do the sustainable thinking for you for the commercial equipment for candy production. You can trust that we develop and design our machines as sustainably as possible because sustainability is an important mission for our family business.


Are you looking for the best equipment for candy production? Then contact Vomatec!