Dutch Machine Builders: Vomatec International BV

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Dutch Machine Builders

Are you looking for an confectionery machine or do you want to design a completely new production line? Vomatec International BV is a company of Dutch machine builders with decades of knowledge, expertise, and experience in the international confectionery industry.

We design based on customer wishes. What are your wishes? We design them for you!


Dutch Machine Builders from Friesland

Vomatec International BV is a family business located in Sneek. For more than 35 years, we have been designing, developing, and building our machines here for the food and confectionery industry.

Within Vomatec, we have our own team of Dutch machine builders, engineers, and food technologists. We are continuously working on improving and innovating our machines, so you get better and more sustainable confectionery machines.


Our Own Line of Vomatec Machines

As Dutch machine builders, we are the proud owners of our own line of machines:



Our aroma, color, and acid injection system. The Vomados is an extremely precise dosing system, with two pumps for color and flavor and a separate acid injection pump.

The Vomados can dose up to 6 color and flavor substances, has minimal raw material loss thanks to the drain points in the piping system, and is easy to clean.



Our patented, revolutionary cooking system Vomadiss is a horizontal continuous cooking system. The shortened residence time (60 to 90 seconds) in the cooking body allows heat-sensitive ingredients such as gelatin to be cooked along.



The Vomamix is specially designed for dosing raw materials from bulk. The accuracy of this machine guarantees the consistent quality of the end product.



For sugaring all your jelly products. The Vomacoat has a constant sugar curtain that gives each candy an uniform amount of sugar.

The Vomacoat can also be supplied as a mobile unit, has a long lifespan, and requires minimal maintenance.



Excess coating of powder-cast products is quickly blown clean with the air spinners of the Vomaclean. We supply the Vomaclean for large and small capacities.

Made of stainless steel and easy to clean with compressed air.



For the confectionery that needs a nice glossy layer. The Vomashine is the finishing installation for oiling all your jelly products. This machine is easy to empty by changing the drum’s direction of rotation, allowing it to be completely emptied.



Our fully automatic fondant tabletting machine, the Vomatab, can be supplied as a stand-alone unit but can also be well integrated into an existing production line.


Dutch Machine Builders with an Eye for Improvements

Thanks to feedback and feedback from our customers, we gain a sharp insight into possible improvements and adjustments for our machines.


Improvements and Innovations

By shortening the cooking time of our continuous cooker, the Vomadiss, by 30% compared to other continuous cookers, we have achieved a significant improvement in the energy consumption of this machine.

By using a perforated drum, excess raw materials, such as sugar, can be transported back into the production process. This allows the sugar to be used maximally, thereby significantly reducing raw material loss.

Thanks to smart PLC systems, errors in the production process are quickly detected and solved by the system itself. The PLC system itself regulates the stop and restart of the production process without losing raw materials or products.


Vomatec International BV, Your Dutch Machine Builders

With us, you have the option to buy a machine separately and have it custom-built into your existing production line. Our experts from Dutch machine builders can advise you to guarantee the best solution.

You can also turn to us for an entirely new candy production line tailored to your wishes and adapted to your location.

Through a 3D model, we show you the entire design. This gives you an exceptionally good view of the machine or production line we make for you. This model can also be projected on a life-size scale through Virtual Reality.

Any adjustments and changes can be made in consultation. Your wishes, within the production possibilities, always come first.

Our Dutch machine builders are ready for you throughout the entire project. When the project is finished, we cordially invite you to attend the first trial run at our location.

During and after commissioning, our technicians support your own operators with training and guidance in operating your new machines. If there are questions or problems after commissioning, you can contact our 360º service 24/7.

Are you looking for the best equipment for candy production? Then contact Vomatec!