Vomadiss - the continuous cooking system of this time.

The Vomadiss is a revolutionary continuous cooking system with a low energy use.

With this cooker many types of sugar confectionery can be cooked such as fondant, jellies, hard candies and caramel masses.

Because of the short residence and heating time in the Vomadiss there is no measurable degeneration of the jelly agents.

Vomadiss cookers are deliverable in capacities from 250 up to 4000 kg per hour.

A special adjustment construction make it possible to control the capacity down to 25% of the maximum capacity.

vomadiss 1000

vomadiss 2000


Compact built cooking lines for fondant, jellies and hard candies, consisting of the Vomamix, Vomadiss, Vomados and the necessary buffer and/or cooling vessels.

These installations are built together on one groundframe complete with product pipework, steam, condensate and water pipework with all necessary fittings and one central connection.

The cooking line completely wired and controlled from the central control cabinet.

vomadiss Compact cooker


Vomadiss Pilot-Plant

The Vomadiss Pilot-Plant is used for product development and product improvement on a laboratory scale. Because of the maximum capacity of approximately 100 kg per hour one can save on raw materials, energy and time.

The recipes and parameters developed can be used on the larger Vomadiss production installations immediately.

This mini installation is supplied with product, steam, condensate and water pipework with the necessary fittings, electrical wiring and a control cabinet, as are the bigger production installations.

vomadiss pilot plant
jelly/hard candy

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