Our delivery programme includes:

Premix installations - manual
- automatic (Vomamix)
Continuous cooking machinery - Vomadiss
- coil cooker
- jetcooker
Batch cooking machinery - thermosyphon cookers
- cooking vessels with and without vacuum
Scraped heat-exchangers
Cooling belts
Continuous tempering units (Vomatemp)
Tempering vessels
Batch-whipping installations (Vomawhisk)
Flavour, colour and acid dosing systems (Vomados)
Candy cleaning belts (Vomaclean)
Oil-shine machines (Vomashine)
Sugar-coating machines (Vomacoat)
Vomatec dispersing installation
Powdering and de-powdering installations
Mixers and stirrers
Static mixers
Dry substance mixers (Vomascrew)
Powder mixers
Glucose storage tanks
All kinds of special machines

All these standard installations are deliverable in different capacities.

All Vomatec machines are constructed according to the latest technology and according to the international standards.